Sunday, January 4, 2009

WinterTrax QVC Style

A friend of mine, whom shall remain nameless, has a slight addiction to QVC and for that I am grateful. She hooked me up with WINTERTRAXs. They work AWEsomely. Just slap them on and you are ready to party. I never slipped once on the massive amounts of ice we have. Okay onto the dogs.

Musette the pup. Certain dogs simply make me laugh. Musette is one of them. Walked well on a leash and sometimes fought well with the leash -- that's the puppy in him. Definitely has the potential to reach high speeds. Despite his lack of coat, Musette handled the cold wind with the best of them.

Gunther the pup. Gunther TCB'd today - took care of business. Walked well on the leash, found the treats in my pocket, fetched the ball and pulled the drawstring out of my pants (pic#2).

The Dude cracks me up. When we were outside, out of nowhere he bolts to an area of snow and starts digging. digging. digging. digging. SHAZAAM! Another tennis ball. Then when we were inside, The Dude sneaks into a room and manages to grab two plush toys to take back to his kennel. All I can say is this Dude has got it going on.

Monson the dog. After a couple cracks through some puddles, we both figured out what thin ice means. Sweet dog that just wants to get out there.

On a side note - Tucker is back in Iso. He was unable to handle the stress. Tucker is a wonderfully spirited dog, I hope he finds comfort soon...


  1. those WINTERTRAX do look great. i could have used those on my car tires yesterday! go QVC ;-)