Sunday, November 30, 2008

That would be snow

Why didn't I listen to Bart Adrian and wear suitable clothes? The day started out nice, no snow. Then the afternoon hit and my jeans were slushy, my shoes were soaked and my hair was ratted. Next time Bart, next time. Met many new dogs today and actually was able to sneak in some puppy lovin'.

Muffin met some new friends. Two Weimaraners had recently been surrendered and are waiting to have their temperment tests completed in order to be placed on the adoption list. I slipped them some treats through the fence courtesy of Muffin.

Gotta love Buddy. He is just trying to do his part and pick up litter that he finds. Today he found a Coke bottle. Buddy carried it just about all the way back, but allowed me to pick up the dirty slimy bottle and finish up the job. I guess we are a team Buddy.

Meet Tommy B, don't ask what the B stands for. His litter mate had been adopted, so I was happy to spend some indoor time with Tommy B. Young puppies aren't allowed outside for health purposes. He was amazed by my coat zipper and never bit me once with those razor sharp puppy teeth. Props to you Tommy B props. Also please note - a puppy is quite difficult to photograph, especially when you are in the kennel.

Georgia is an older pup, so I was able to take her outside. She liked to chase me rather than tennis ball, maybe she is still too young for that kind of action. Anyways she still has her puppy belly and loved to have her jelly belly rubbed.

Libby the pup. Libby was very attentive to me and walked awesomely. In fact she prances much like a show dog or a horse. Her front legs lift up high and kind of flip. Its graceful to watch. Could care less about the snow and wanted to be by my side. Sweet puppy.

Can't forget about The Dude. What can I say? The Dude loves everything. I didn't expect him to not love the snow. His only discouragement was when he lost the tennis ball, as it would roll into a snowball. The Dude also attempted to make a Dude snow angel. It's okay Dude I totally saw the angel.

Welcome to the blog Princess. Princess loved to have her pictures taken. In fact I think she winked at me. We started out walking along and she was simply so happy. I thought as long as this dog's tail is a waggin', I'll keep on a walkin'. Well we ran out of time and eventually had to head back. First opportunity to spend time with her and she was a princess indeed.

Without question here are a couple snapshots of Stephan rhomping in the snow, which he loved. At the end of our short rhomp, he had snowballs latched onto his legs and belly. I didn't notice it at the time, but I think he tried to catch some flakes on his tongue. See it in the first picture?

Keep on keeping on,
In the world which we know, among the different and primitive geniuses that preside over the evolution of the several species, there exists not one, excepting that of the dog, that ever gave a thought to the presence of man. ~Maurice Maeterlinck

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gearing Up

Alright I am ready to sport the long johns for tomorrow's walkin - Bart Adrian is calling for snow. Sorry photos of that fashion show will not be included. Here are a few dogs from my last visit. All runners might I add.

Muffin. Truly some awesome tennis ball work Muffin. You did well. This dog has the bluest eyes and soft soft ears. Could be a doggy model. Look out Queen Latifah.

Here is Misty. All around great dog, very sweet. When walking Misty, it reminded me of the Bob Marley song Misty Morning. Unfortunately I could only remember one line...Misty mornin, dont see no sun, I know you are out there somewhere having fun. Well anyways I had to look up the lyrics as that one line kept circling in my head. Here it is for anyone who is interested.

Misty mornin, dont see no sun;I know youre out there somewhere having fun.There is one mystery - yea-ea-eah - I just cant express:To give your more, to receive your less.One of my good friend said, in a reggae riddim,Dont jump in the water, if you cant swim.The power of philosophy - yea-ea-eah - floats through my headLight like a feather, heavy as lead;Light like a feather, heavy as lead, yeah.

Buddy making his blog debute again. Buddy shaked things up a little and opted to have me chase him with the tennis ball thrower rather than actually fetch up a tennis ball. Wise choice Buddy as I also got some exercise. Buddy is learning how to walk quite well on a leash, had a very nice time.

Stay true - one day at a time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Little Foggy

Good thing I took some trusty notes. These are dogs that I walked last week. Here they are in their true noted form.

pretty dang smart
making progress on trusting people
loves to get outside and prance
gotta love him

piss off puppy mill
Violet has gone to a good home

The Dude
staying true
classic dog
loves everything

name should be Frank as in Frank Sinatra as in ol' Blue Eyes
throw that tennis ball
please throw that tennis ball
seriously dont be lame, throw that tennis ball

if Popeye could use a swiss army knife...
he would carve his name into the street
has something to tell the post office boxes
yo quero fiero hydrants
rub my belly rub my belly rub my belly

tiny little pup who likes to sport the cardigan
her three good legs beat me on my two good legs
lap dog indoors, play dog outdoors
lookin forward to our race rematch
sweet heart sweet heart sweet heart

part corgie part boston terrier part awesome
liked to carry street litter and also her leash
my pants ripped bending down to pet her, buy more duct tape
refused my treats, wtf Lilly?
soft as downy

someone or something is still smuggling him Red Bull
his vertical jump has increased an inch or so
now has a harness, which is cramping his mohawk
stitches in foot is healing
amazed at how fast his little tails moves
happy happy happy

Till next time, peace people.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Puffy Coat Time

Last Sunday, I made a point to grab my camera in an attempt to capture the many personalities of these dogs. It was cold, so I wore my big puffy coat which thankfully the dog that loves stuffing didn't notice. If I was a dog, I would probably want to shred up my coat too. Here are the dogs I treked around with.

Sweet Stephan. He has a curled up tail like a Pug and a run like Forrest Gump. Stephan came from a puppy mill, so he is a bit shy to people. After some warming up though, we did some running. Stephan has a super cute face that warmed me up on that cold Sunday. I must admit though, I am biased as I had a Lhaso Apso growing up.

Welcome to the Blog Buddy. He loved to stretch out his long legs and make me run around in circles. Had some sort of gallop to his run, looked as though he was attempting to skip. Loved to chase tennis balls - torn up ones or brand new ones, doesn't matter. Cute face and enjoyed my short amount of time with Buddy.

The Dude. Again, holy tennis ball action. He loved the walk and loved chasing those dang tennis balls. He has beautiful eyes and a very playful personality. The Dude's favorite drink is a White Russian.

Violet. Sweet Violet. Loves to snuggle and lay on your lap. After running around outside, I brought her in for quiet time as she arrived from a puppy mill. In a couple minutes she was all snuggled in my lap and let out a big sigh of relief. We sat there for awhile just relaxing and enjoying the peace.

Meet Tucker. Very spring loaded. He never jumped on me, just goes straight up in the air. Maybe he is hopped up on Red Bull. Frisbee dog? Tucker has long hair along his back and didn't mind to have it styled in a mohawk. Sweet dog. Recently had his paw stitched up, so unable to take him on a long walk. We had some good play time though indoors.

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