Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gearing Up

Alright I am ready to sport the long johns for tomorrow's walkin - Bart Adrian is calling for snow. Sorry photos of that fashion show will not be included. Here are a few dogs from my last visit. All runners might I add.

Muffin. Truly some awesome tennis ball work Muffin. You did well. This dog has the bluest eyes and soft soft ears. Could be a doggy model. Look out Queen Latifah.

Here is Misty. All around great dog, very sweet. When walking Misty, it reminded me of the Bob Marley song Misty Morning. Unfortunately I could only remember one line...Misty mornin, dont see no sun, I know you are out there somewhere having fun. Well anyways I had to look up the lyrics as that one line kept circling in my head. Here it is for anyone who is interested.

Misty mornin, dont see no sun;I know youre out there somewhere having fun.There is one mystery - yea-ea-eah - I just cant express:To give your more, to receive your less.One of my good friend said, in a reggae riddim,Dont jump in the water, if you cant swim.The power of philosophy - yea-ea-eah - floats through my headLight like a feather, heavy as lead;Light like a feather, heavy as lead, yeah.

Buddy making his blog debute again. Buddy shaked things up a little and opted to have me chase him with the tennis ball thrower rather than actually fetch up a tennis ball. Wise choice Buddy as I also got some exercise. Buddy is learning how to walk quite well on a leash, had a very nice time.

Stay true - one day at a time.

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