Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Dude

This moment is so special it deserves a post. Every week since I have been volunteering, The Dude has been there in his same kennel as other dogs have come and gone. Yesterday over the phone, I discovered that The Dude had found a family and would be going home that day. I nearly cried. I couldn't have been happier. Now I truly do believe that good dogs can find loving homes no matter how long it takes.
Ironically, the night prior I had just finished a book - The Dogs Who Found Me. It's about a young writer/teacher who helps find medical attention and homes to stray dogs who cross his path in life. He struggles with letting them go and will forever wonder how they are doing. Now I understand. The Dude is the last of the dogs that remain since I began volunteering at EBHS in early November. I am forever grateful for dogs like The Dude, for what they have taught me.

Peace Dude.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Numb Face

Walked a young pup and two German Shepherd mixes. Now I can confidently say that there is not a breed of dog that I do not like.

My why what big ears you have Freida. All the better to hear with Katie. Does this face say it all? Sweet sweet dog. Walked great on the leash and just took everything in.

Pippen. Super soft young pup. Pippen's tail would be waggin waggin waggin while we were walkin. Strangely enough, her tail was always pointed to the sky. Maybe Pippen knew that she has been adopted and is going home. Hip Hip Hooray Pippen!

Ranger to the rescue. Before we reached the door to go outside, Ranger gently jumped up to me and gave me a big ol kiss on the face. At that point, I knew I would love this dog. We went straight to the run area. Ranger is super friendly and playful. His run is much like a Wolf's - very graceful. On our walk he was in tune with me and his surroundings. Rejected my treats, but still I will say Ranger is quite the awesome dog.

A dog can never tell you what she knows from the smells of the world, but you know, watching her, that you know almost nothing...
-From Her Grave by Mary Oliver

Friday, January 23, 2009

Scout Called It

This dog clearly knew it was Friday. Good call Scout.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thawed Out

Today I was refreshed by spending time with dogs who are taking in this Arctic Blast with open arms, well maybe not arms, you get the point. These dogs couldn't have been happier to dig, roll, sniff, run, walk and head dunk in the snow.

Welcome to the blog Shadow. I know I say this most of the time, so I will say it again. This dog is awesome. Being a lab we headed for the run area. First thing she did was roll in the fresh snow. Just rollin' rollin' rollin'. On our walk, which she walked like an angel, Shadow would just stop, dig her head in the snow and roll. Frickin' Awesome!

Roscoe. Another friend of the snow. We worked on retrieving and he was quite successful on selective throws. Soon enough it will be second nature. Roscoe is a strong pup and walks nicely on the leash when he is away from all the distractions. Roscoe thinks the snow on the nose look is in. I agree.

Jack the Lab. Once Jack got outside, he was one happy dog. Jack is a mover and a shaker. Played some quick fetch. Enjoyed every minute. High spirited.

Prince did it. Puffy did it. Why can't The Dude? The Dude is now referred to as Duke. If that helps him get a home, more power to you Dude. Lets face it - The Dude needs a palace quick style. Yes I will still call him The Dude. More fitting in my mind. Help! I am falling for this dog.

I used to look at (my dog) Smokey and think, 'If you were a little smarter, you could tell me what you were thinking,' and he'd look at me like he was saying, 'If you were a little smarter, I wouldn't have to'
-Fred Jungclaus

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Long Day = Short Story

Short story: Had a wonderful day out with the dogs. Tired me out, so lets get right to it.

This is a bad introduction. I do not remember this dog's name. However he is in luck as he has the cutest face. With this cute face comes a bad genetic disorder. Non-photogenicism. Seriously this dog wants nothing to do with the camera. Awesome dog, just not a fan of the Canon.

Josie the Iditarod qualifier. Feather-light weight class division of course. Also would probably rule at King of the Mountain. Loved to climb up the mounds of snow and bolt.

Snow the German Shepherd. Seeing the massive size of this dog, we went straight to the run area. After a short while, I noticed that Snow was leaving little drops of blood. So we went inside and had it looked at. Snow had a tiny cut under her nail. We then had to spend some time indoors which pretty much meant that I handed over all my treats pronto. In case you were wondering like me, Snow is also a Canadian rapper with the 1993 one-hit The Informer. Which one would I rather throw a ball to? Tough question.

The Dude abides. Each week The Dude is getting better about his possessive behavior. Now when he retrieves the ball, he drops it and lets me pick it up. This may not seem like much, but it is a big step for The Dude and I am proud of him. Encouraged by The Dude's latest hurdle, I did a little research on dudeism and found a great site - - The Church of The Latter-Day Dude.

Dunkin with Oreo. Although, I have never had the pleasure of walking a fresh sheered sheep, I bet it would look much like my walk with Oreo today. Sweet dog. baaaaa.

Relcome Roscoe. Tons of energy. Roscoe loves to run after the ball - after being the key word. The ball never rolled back my way. Half way through our time in the run area today, Roscoe started to show signs of actual retrieving. With added encouragement Roscoe did it! He is now retrieving the ball. Either he learned this today or I was being played. I can be a sucker.

No animal should ever jump up on the dining room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation -- Fran Lebowitz

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dog Poo Poetry Contest

Aspen held a Dog Poo Poetry Contest back in July to gain awareness of their - um, dog poop problem. Below is one of many submissions to the contest. It wasn't a winner.

Dear citizens of Aspen...please gather around
I offer some suggestions for your star-studded town
We heard up in Jackson, the town of old trappers
That doggies down there aren't using their crappers

The owners it seems let their dogs dump on grass
And are fastidious as they clean Spotty's shit dripping ass
But the soft mushy waste that was dropped from his rear
Is left undisturbed for reasons unclear

Despite laws that define this infraction
The citizens continue their shit leaving crap action
So may I suggest a plan from our place
Just pick up the stinky and toss it in the face

Of the owner of the dog that left the brown roll
And tell them that's how they do it in the Hole
You'll find it's effective although somewhat rude
But no shit will be left behind once it starts to extrude
- Author unknown, however my sister lives in Jackson Hole...

Here is a link to view all the submissions:
This reminds me,
Don't know what to do with all your plastic bags WITHOUT holes?
Bring them into the Elmbrook Humane Society. We use them and need them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

WinterTrax QVC Style

A friend of mine, whom shall remain nameless, has a slight addiction to QVC and for that I am grateful. She hooked me up with WINTERTRAXs. They work AWEsomely. Just slap them on and you are ready to party. I never slipped once on the massive amounts of ice we have. Okay onto the dogs.

Musette the pup. Certain dogs simply make me laugh. Musette is one of them. Walked well on a leash and sometimes fought well with the leash -- that's the puppy in him. Definitely has the potential to reach high speeds. Despite his lack of coat, Musette handled the cold wind with the best of them.

Gunther the pup. Gunther TCB'd today - took care of business. Walked well on the leash, found the treats in my pocket, fetched the ball and pulled the drawstring out of my pants (pic#2).

The Dude cracks me up. When we were outside, out of nowhere he bolts to an area of snow and starts digging. digging. digging. digging. SHAZAAM! Another tennis ball. Then when we were inside, The Dude sneaks into a room and manages to grab two plush toys to take back to his kennel. All I can say is this Dude has got it going on.

Monson the dog. After a couple cracks through some puddles, we both figured out what thin ice means. Sweet dog that just wants to get out there.

On a side note - Tucker is back in Iso. He was unable to handle the stress. Tucker is a wonderfully spirited dog, I hope he finds comfort soon...