Friday, January 2, 2009


Like Cool & The Gang once said, Celebrate Good Times Come On. Its has been awhile since I have been in to volunteer and I was overcome with joy today. When I walked past the kennels, three were empty. These three dogs below have found their way. Not that others have not, its that these are ones that I got to know a bit. Raise your glass. Cheers to you Mystic. Cheers to you Buddy. Cheers to you Allegra.

Now with that being said, here are the dogs that I was able to spend some time with today.
Tucker! Tucker is out of ISO. Yea! I love this dog. His enthusiasm and curiosity is the best. Tucker was in an altercation with another dog and was in isolation for some time. Now he is able to be taken outside by the dog walkers.

The Dude. Dude, you might not be as lean as the others, but you are the best at fetch - like the Energizer Bunny. Found out today that The Dude loves to be chased when he has the tennis ball. Yup you guessed it, I will be sore tomorrow.

Roscoe. Roscoe has those floppy hound ears that bounced when he ran. After we took some time in the run area, he walked much better on the leash. Just needs to get out some energy. Not bashful to stick his nose in my treat pocket. Adorable. Affectionate.

Georgia the pup. Still upholding her soft puppy coat. This is another affectionate dog. Georgia was happy to be on a walk, but was also happy to have someone beside her. If I would stop, she would turn around and come straight towards me with her puppy prance. That never got old.

Josie. Yet again another great dog. Has a great tracking nose. Was following some serious scent trail for awhile with her nose to the ground. Pretty much went like this: go to the right. go back. wait. false alarm go forward. go back again. go left. dig. nope. go sideways. circle around me clockwise. go towards that tree. nope. go back in the street. go right. go back again. circle around me once more. go to the snowbank. dig. alas.

In this worldwide unrest that we so rightfully hear about every moment from the media, it is comforting to know that those who care about these animals have been staying true. These simple souls are finding their way. So with that, keep on keeping on people.

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