Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dog Poo Poetry Contest

Aspen held a Dog Poo Poetry Contest back in July to gain awareness of their - um, dog poop problem. Below is one of many submissions to the contest. It wasn't a winner.

Dear citizens of Aspen...please gather around
I offer some suggestions for your star-studded town
We heard up in Jackson, the town of old trappers
That doggies down there aren't using their crappers

The owners it seems let their dogs dump on grass
And are fastidious as they clean Spotty's shit dripping ass
But the soft mushy waste that was dropped from his rear
Is left undisturbed for reasons unclear

Despite laws that define this infraction
The citizens continue their shit leaving crap action
So may I suggest a plan from our place
Just pick up the stinky and toss it in the face

Of the owner of the dog that left the brown roll
And tell them that's how they do it in the Hole
You'll find it's effective although somewhat rude
But no shit will be left behind once it starts to extrude
- Author unknown, however my sister lives in Jackson Hole...

Here is a link to view all the submissions:
This reminds me,
Don't know what to do with all your plastic bags WITHOUT holes?
Bring them into the Elmbrook Humane Society. We use them and need them.


  1. That's funny! Jason and I have a TON of plastic bags to hand over. Remind me to give you some tomorrow when you are here.