Thursday, November 27, 2008

Little Foggy

Good thing I took some trusty notes. These are dogs that I walked last week. Here they are in their true noted form.

pretty dang smart
making progress on trusting people
loves to get outside and prance
gotta love him

piss off puppy mill
Violet has gone to a good home

The Dude
staying true
classic dog
loves everything

name should be Frank as in Frank Sinatra as in ol' Blue Eyes
throw that tennis ball
please throw that tennis ball
seriously dont be lame, throw that tennis ball

if Popeye could use a swiss army knife...
he would carve his name into the street
has something to tell the post office boxes
yo quero fiero hydrants
rub my belly rub my belly rub my belly

tiny little pup who likes to sport the cardigan
her three good legs beat me on my two good legs
lap dog indoors, play dog outdoors
lookin forward to our race rematch
sweet heart sweet heart sweet heart

part corgie part boston terrier part awesome
liked to carry street litter and also her leash
my pants ripped bending down to pet her, buy more duct tape
refused my treats, wtf Lilly?
soft as downy

someone or something is still smuggling him Red Bull
his vertical jump has increased an inch or so
now has a harness, which is cramping his mohawk
stitches in foot is healing
amazed at how fast his little tails moves
happy happy happy

Till next time, peace people.

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