Monday, November 17, 2008

Puffy Coat Time

Last Sunday, I made a point to grab my camera in an attempt to capture the many personalities of these dogs. It was cold, so I wore my big puffy coat which thankfully the dog that loves stuffing didn't notice. If I was a dog, I would probably want to shred up my coat too. Here are the dogs I treked around with.

Sweet Stephan. He has a curled up tail like a Pug and a run like Forrest Gump. Stephan came from a puppy mill, so he is a bit shy to people. After some warming up though, we did some running. Stephan has a super cute face that warmed me up on that cold Sunday. I must admit though, I am biased as I had a Lhaso Apso growing up.

Welcome to the Blog Buddy. He loved to stretch out his long legs and make me run around in circles. Had some sort of gallop to his run, looked as though he was attempting to skip. Loved to chase tennis balls - torn up ones or brand new ones, doesn't matter. Cute face and enjoyed my short amount of time with Buddy.

The Dude. Again, holy tennis ball action. He loved the walk and loved chasing those dang tennis balls. He has beautiful eyes and a very playful personality. The Dude's favorite drink is a White Russian.

Violet. Sweet Violet. Loves to snuggle and lay on your lap. After running around outside, I brought her in for quiet time as she arrived from a puppy mill. In a couple minutes she was all snuggled in my lap and let out a big sigh of relief. We sat there for awhile just relaxing and enjoying the peace.

Meet Tucker. Very spring loaded. He never jumped on me, just goes straight up in the air. Maybe he is hopped up on Red Bull. Frisbee dog? Tucker has long hair along his back and didn't mind to have it styled in a mohawk. Sweet dog. Recently had his paw stitched up, so unable to take him on a long walk. We had some good play time though indoors.

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  1. KT! You started a blog!? Niiice! And it's all about dogs!? Niice!! I'm tellin' ya, you need to start a doggie daycare!! I'll do your marketing! :)

  2. hey how do you add jazz hands to these blog pages?

  3. Schultz28@gmail.comNovember 19, 2008 at 6:52 AM

    Your blog is great!! every time I check it, it's better and better. I look forward to continously reading about the Walkin' Tails!