Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ruby Newton

Vibrant. Soulful. Imaginative. Spiritual. Amazing. There you have it - Ruby Newton Pet Masterpieces. Two entrepreneurial artists whose "humble goal is to make people smile". Each unique painting brings out a feeling from the perspective of YOUR dog or cat or whatever pet you may love.

When I first saw these paintings, the colors and angles drew me in. Many of the models were at one time cared for at EBHS. When speaking with one of the artists, Jennifer commented, "Do you recognize her? That's Georgia." Amazing - there was Georgia. To think, as these animals patiently waited for a family to meet them at EBHS, they were being beautifully portrayed on canvas.

Not only do I love these paintings for their unique artistry - but Ruby Newton artwork is truly affordable and part of the proceeds go directly to EBHS. Who can argue with that?

Disclaimer: I was in no way bribed to write this. I simply wish good for people who do good.

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