Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fresh Tracks

The white stuff has arrived. Happy day for some snow loving dogs.

Ace thought he was working the runway on our walk. All about just walking and looking good. Never stopped to sniff or never paused to listen to an unknown sound - kept the same speed the entire time. Ace was out for a walk and meant it.

Moxie loved to run in the snow and actually is quite a good jumper. Got some good air with the football I must say. For her strength, walked fantastically on the leash.

Mallory again in glory. I found a trail that led to a river. It was so pretty we decided to make some fresh tracks. This dog also LOVED the fresh white stuff - would just hop around and give herself face washes. I truly must say this dog is GREAT. Her high spirit is contagious.

Presenting Ace. We walked for a short bit outside until Ace wanted to head back in - he was freezing his ace off. After walking around inside, we found ourselves in the cat room for some time. Sweet sweet dog.

Alfie the pup. At 5 months, Alfie wasn't able to get outside, so I stepped inside his kennel area. This puppy is getting bigger each week. Which reminds me - why is this dog still here?

Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.
-Mordecai Siegal


  1. Love the updates on the dogs! Wish I were in a position to adopt one of these awesome doggies... Marley would love to have a friend!

  2. Just back from Chicago and getting caught up on your wonderful blog site. Keep up the good work Katie. CJ