Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where the frick are the tennis balls

Popeye and B-I-N-G-O. They room together, so was able to take them both out at one time. Strange thing - they were more challenging to walk than the Weimaraners. One dog is frightened of the blue post office boxes and one dog wants to attack moving cars. Its all good until a car drives past at the same point you are walking past the post office boxes. Oh yes and Bingo also barks like crazy at geese that are flying in the air. I have come to notice that there are a lot of geese flying around these days. Hopefully Popeye and Bingo are resting up after our running around. I think they could place in the Iditarod.

Alright, I am a bad dog walker. This dog's name has totally escaped me. I will kindly name her Polar Bear, Polar for short. Polar left a big impression on me. She loved to play in the exercise area, even though all the tennis balls were buried in the snow. Loved to pet her - her coat is super duper soft. Probably was in one of those toilet paper commercials as a puppy. Did I mention she is totally photogenic? Polar would hear the beep of my camera and would hold still until the flash went off. When she would run her ears would go straight back, I think to listen for me as she never pulled on the leash. Polar has an adorable face that matches her personality.

Its a hard knock life for us. This is Annie. Sorry I just have the one picture of her. She was a mover and groover. Being part Chihuahua, the outside chill was not her favorite. We spent some time playing in a cat room, play mice are fun and Annie didn't mind - its all the same anyways. Loved to sit on my lap and relax. Super friendly dog that just loved to be by someone.

Alright so all the tennis balls are buried. I went inside to track down some more and with great success I found a big box full of toys. I grabbed the brightest colored one I could find - pink YES! Buddy loved to hit the ball with his paw to bury it and then dig it up again. He was happy as a clam and so was I - well maybe not a clam, but happy nonetheless.

On a side note. Every dog that I have met here is simply AWEsome and also everyone I have met here have been incredibly friendly. There are big hearts that work to ensure that these animals are on their way to finding loving homes, which they certainly deserve. If you know of anyone who is wanting to support pet adoption, please forward them this link. Spread the word like warm butter on bread.


  1. I want another puppy soo bad now after reading this. Seems like you have soo much fun and I love reading about all the ventures you guys have!!

  2. They have 8 or 9 puppy puppies right now. so cute. hopefully next visit i will remember to take some snapshots of them.