Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Tree Sappy

This particular blog had the potential to be very sappy, Christmas Tree Sappy, so I toned it down a bit. When I went for my walking session, the volunteers had Holiday Music playing. It was nice and I thought to myself - what would these dog's Christmas Wishes be? So with that in mind...

Name: Mystic
Christmas Wishes: Someone to walk with me through tall grasses and deep snow. I would love to be in the country where I can track new scents. My nose works good. I would also like to have anything stinky to roll around in.

Name: Sugar Plum
Christmas Wishes: I would like calm days, you see the wind blows my floppy ears around. Longer legs to romp around in the snow of course. And please conditioner to maintain my coat's softness. Oh yes and mostly I wish for a face to lick and kiss.

Name: Buddy
Christmas Wishes: Black fur coat, so I won't have the bother to clean up after playing in the mud. Another pink ball - just in case I lose my favorite one. Oh yes and a treadmill.

Name: Georgia
Christmas Wishes: I wish for someone to crouch down and talk to me. I am smart. I walk real well on a leash for my age, so I guess I would wish for someone to lead me and I can point since I am a Pointer mix of somesort, so they tell me.

Names: Orchid and Petunia
Christmas Wishes: Anything! We are puppies, look at US! Just look at us! We are AH-DORABLE! We want anything! Your coat! Your treats! Paper toweling! Plastic bags! Your camera! Your camera strap! Your coat zipper! Anything!

That wasn't so sappy, was it?

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