Friday, December 5, 2008

Ice Ice Baby (da da da dadada)

High of what? Who cares. The sides of the roads are now ice, which pretty much left me with walking down the middle of the road or in the snow. I have come to accept the fact that I will indeed slip and fall at some point walking these dogs.

So with that attitude I decided to run with the two Weimaraners, Eli and Miles, even after hearing a comment of my bravery. They are five years old and were raised together - hopefully that will remain the case. When I brought them together to be walked, they were so happy to see eachother. Like old pals, meeting at the bar. And yes they are really that shiny and yes they really do walk right next to one another. Miles is wider than Eli, but I reassured him that was okay with more treats.

O'Charlie boy. Charlie is high spirited and loves to give kisses. We had a few things on our agenda. Worked on the command sit. Combed the hair do. Learned how to self-rescue from deep snow.

Charlie spotting something in the snow.

Charlie about to stick his snout in the snow.

Charlie now walking with a snow mustache.

It was a short visit today, but I am grateful to have meet these new faces and play with some familar ones too. Keep on keepin on.

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