Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Love

Today's video stars put on a great performance - running, sniffing, chasing and bouncing.

Thank you to the Cast:

Godiva...the Pitbull/Terrier pup

Nova.....the Pug/Beagle

Hayley....the Boston Terrier

Mika....the Bull Mastiff


Princess....the sweet Shepard/Husky


  1. Awesome. I'm smiling because I saw this. Thanks.

  2. I want you to get this comment SO BAD. My name is Jillian and my boyfriend Derrick and I were at EBHS in January and we actually adopted Hayley, now Lily. I decided to google her old name and EBHS and this came up and I literally melted. Its just so hard imagining her even existing before we had her, you know? I would love to see any other older videos or photos of her anywhere if you still have any connection to EBHS. I actually think maybe you were the one that brought her in the room with us one on one to meet her? If you even get this, and if you want to respond, my email is