Monday, March 9, 2009


Although the exact circumstances of this case is unknown to me, I feel that I know enough to write a post. It is the principle of what happened rather than the exact details.

Violet, a puppy mill survivor dog, was brought into EBHS back in November. With time she shelled out into a happy, trusting dog. Violet was eventually adopted out to a seemingly sane new home until it was recently discovered that she had endured some severe abuse - robbed again. Thankfully, Violet was brought back into EBHS and is now being cared for by a loving responsible family. 

Underneath all the feelings I have towards this situation, is confusion. Simple confusion. So if anyone is able explain to me why people act like they do, I would love to hear from you. At this point, my only answer is that abusers must wake up each morning, yawn, stretch, look themselves in the mirror while combing through their greasy hair and confidently say to themselves, "I am going to fuck shit up today. I am going to fuck shit up real good."

Until I have more of an explanation I can only hope. Hope that people will begin to learn more from their dogs rather than beat them down. Dogs have a lot to teach us. I promise. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about Violet being placed in an abusive home. There is no answer to why some people are mean spirited jack-asses. There does seem to be a cycle though and people tend to become the product of their environment. We can't save the world but can only try and be the best we can be. And of course stick up for those who can't for themselves. Love ya sis!